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Introduction A.R. Divers provides Professional Land Survey services to both public and private clients throughout the Northern Central California Sierra Foothills and the Sacramento Valley. A.R. Divers utilizes the latest field technologies, including GPS and Robotics, to meet their clients needs for accurate, complete and timely data collection and staking.  In the office, A.R. Divers produces a variety of high quality electronic mapping products by optimizing a combination of computer and software systems.

A.R. Divers serves, the Realtor, contractor, developer, engineer, lender, architect, attorney, and land owner or buyer. It is A.R. Divers' nearly 40 years of professional experiences with projects as small as a portion of an acre to ranches in excess of 3,000 acres, and clients ranging from large developers and public agencies to the individual home owner demonstrating A.R. Divers' ability to serve the community as a whole.

A.R. Divers does specialize in providing personalized service to engineering and/or architectural firms. A.R. Divers' niche with these firms is design level surveys where the boundary, control, easements and topography of a site are brought together in one seamless base map. The result is a comprehensive site model ready for the design team. Electronic files are available to the client and provide a functional format of symbol standards, layer organization and point control. A.R. Divers also provides the additional survey services to these firms and agencies that are often required as their projects develop. 

Mission Statement - Excellence of service and product  founded in a  commitment: "that direct individual client service, by the Licensed Land Surveyor, be paramount to product quality and client satisfaction; that the latest technology be utilized to enhance production and performance; and, that accurate, complete and timely professional survey services be delivered for reasonable fees that produce consistent profits, controlled growth and professional development fostering a market lead by satisfied customer referrals. "


AR Divers Land Surveying

AR Divers Land Surveying